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Young Drivers Car Insurance

It’s no secret that young drivers usually end up paying higher premiums for insurance than their more experienced counterparts. Statistically, drivers aged 25 and under are more likely to be involved in a car accident than older road users, and this is reflected in young driver car insurance prices.

Cost of car insurance for younger drivers

UK newspapers have reported teenage drivers being quoted more than £10,000 a year for car cover. Young male drivers, in particular, are being charged over the odds to insure their cars.

As very few 17- to 25-year-olds can afford to pay thousands of pounds for cover, and seeing as it’s illegal to get behind the wheel without a valid motor insurance policy, here are three top tips to help keep prices as low as possible:

  1. Take the Pass Plus course. As well as helping to boost confidence, taking the Pass Plus course can help new drivers to reduce car insurance costs by between 5% and 35%. Insurers offering a Pass Plus discount include: AA Insurance, Churchill, Direct Line, Endsleigh, Swinton and Young Marmalade.
  2. Avoid buying a large, fast, expensive car. Typically, the smaller the car, the cheaper it is to insure. Also avoid making any modifications to the vehicle as the driver is legally obliged to inform the insurer if any modifications have been made, and these can affect insurance prices. Even fitting alloy wheels or adding tinted windows may affect the policy price and conditions.
  3. Stick to the rules. Breaking the speed limit and driving carelessly can lead to accidents and points on the young driver’s license, not to mention injury to the driver, passengers and members of the public. If the driver crashes or is found to have broken the law in some way, motor insurance costs will increase the next time around and may prevent the driver from building up a valuable no-claims discount.

Comparing cover to find the best rate

As with any financial product, it is a good idea that newly qualified drivers shop around and consider all the options before they buy a car insurance policy. Cover won’t necessarily be ultra cheap, but it is certainly possible to cut costs by comparing deals.

While third-party cover is often considered to be cheaper, it is also worth obtaining quotes for comprehensive car cover, as prices vary and the benefits of being ‘fully comp’ may justify any extra expense for drivers with limited experience.

Going direct versus using a specialist broker

There are generally two avenues for obtain cover, going direct to a provider or using a car insurance broker.

Using a specialist broker

A specialist broker doesn’t provide cover directly; rather they go to a panel of insurers and try to find you the best rate. You generally don’t pay them directly for this service; rather they get a commission from the insurer when you take out cover.

Going direct to the insurer

Some insurers simply won’t offer insurance to young drivers at an affordable cost but there are a few that do. It’s well worth getting a quote direct from these insurers particularly if they’re not on your broker’s panel.

Some specialists firms, such as 4 Young Drivers, restrict cover to over-19s with at least one year’s no-claims bonus, so check the terms and conditions before you buy.

Comparing more than the cost

Finally, look out for policies offering additional benefits for under-25s. Quinn Direct, for example, offers free breakdown cover, European cover (up to 93 days), loss of keys and audio cover as standard, whether you buy a comprehensive car insurance policy or stick to third-party fire and theft. While these benefits may not lower the cost of young drivers’ car insurance they do add some extra value.