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Women’s car insurance

Until recently, women were treated differently from men by insurers. Because women are statistically involved in fewer serious accidents, their car insurance premiums tended to be far cheaper than those of their male counterparts.

Changes to women’s car insurance prices

However, a ruling from the European Court of Justice stipulates that UK insurers can no longer discriminate on the basis of gender. As a result, women’s car insurance prices are likely to rise considerably in the coming months.

As a result, female drivers will need to be extra careful when searching for motor insurance cover. Experts have predicted that young women will be worst affected, with price rises of up to 30% on the cards for under-25s.

Specialist female driver cover versus standard insurance

Some lady drivers prefer to buy cover from a specialist women’s car insurance provider such as Sheila’s Wheels, Diamond, Girl Motor or Lady Insure. These companies are often considered to provide cheaper cover for female car owners, and are specifically designed to meet women’s needs, for example providing handbag cover and child seat cover.

However, these women-only policies may not offer the best value when the new legislation takes effect. It is worth searching a broad range of deals from the full spectrum of UK providers before making a decision.

Choosing the right car insurance policy

It is also important to look beyond the price tag when looking for a motor insurance policy; getting the right level of cover is the key issue. Make sure you know what you are covered for as car insurance benefits vary dramatically from provider to provider.

For example, some policies include legal and breakdown cover as standard, while others will list these as optional extras, which incur added costs. It’s important to know that you are fully protected if you have an accident or your car is damaged or stolen, so make sure you read the small print and contact your provider if you have any queries – many insurers offer a 24-hour customer helpline.

Lowering the cost of women’s car insurance

There are also a series of measures female drivers can take to reduce the cost of cover. These include:

  • Keeping the car secure. Fitting an approved alarm and immobiliser can help reduce motor insurance costs as these act as a major deterrent to thieves
  • Parking sensibly. The majority of car thefts happen at night, so keeping cars locked in a garage overnight can help keep your vehicle safe and incur lower premiums
  • Considering your mileage. One of the criteria car insurance prices are based on is mileage, and overestimating your annual mileage can leave you paying over the odds for cover
  • Limit optional extras. If you are unlikely to need added benefits such as a courtesy car should your car become undrivable, you can lower premium costs by sticking to the standard cover options
  • Buy online. Many insurance firms offer discounts for customers who buy their cover online