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Temporary Van Insurance

If you need to drive a van that doesn’t belong to you, or a friend or relative needs to use your own van, temporary van insurance could suit you. Rather than risking your own no claims bonus, taking out a short term van insurance policy for between 1 and 28 days can often be simpler and more cost effective than trying to arrange cover via your main policy.

Get temporary van insurance from 1 – 28 days

Temporary van insurance policies are usually available for periods of between 1 and 28 days. Short term van insurance normally applies to any van the policyholder owns, and can be extended to cover other drivers of the van if required. Most providers offer online quotes, enabling you to avoid lengthy conversations with call centres, and your certificate of insurance can often be emailed to you instantly.

When would you use temporary van insurance?

Short term van insurance could be useful in a number of situations. It has become more and more popular in recent years as a convenient way of getting insured on a van for a brief period, and takes the hassle out of amending your main insurance policy.
There are a number of situations where temporary van insurance may be useful, including:

  • Using a van to move house, or pick up a bulky item
  • Taking a van on holiday
  • Using another van when your own van is off the road for repairs or service
  • Driving someone else’s van on a long journey when you want to share the driving
  • To provide immediate cover after purchasing a new van, before you decide on a full policy

    What would you expect to be included with a Temporary Car Insurance policy?

    Cover obviously varies between providers, so you should always check that you understand the policy terms before purchasing temporary insurance. However, most temporary policies include the following:

    • Comprehensive cover for damage to the van including loss from fire, theft or vandalism
    • Cover for liability to 3rd parties including injury and damage to property
    • EU cover for driving abroad
    • Medical expenses cover
    • Legal expenses cover (with comprehensive policies)

    Other policies may also include the features above but offer additional benefits such as:

    • Uninsured loss recovery
    • Temporary breakdown cover
    • Cover for theft of audio or telephone equipment from the van
    • It’s important to note that not everyone will be eligible for temporary van insurance. The majority of temporary policies are available only to drivers aged 21 or over, and in many cases you must be at least 25 to qualify. There are often exclusions for those who hold non-EU driving licenses and for those with more than six penalty points on their license. You should also remember that you cannot use a temporary policy to build up a no claims bonus.

      Temporary van insurance quotes

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