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Student Car Insurance

Most students find themselves living on a pretty tight budget, and those lucky enough to own a car will be looking to keep costs as low as possible. However, while there are plenty of companies offering cheap student car insurance, it’s important to check the level of cover as well as simply looking at the price.

Getting the best student car insurance deals

Students are often seen as high-risk customers, and this is particularly true for those living in well-known student areas. Many students live in areas where crime rates are high, and this is usually taken into account by the insurance provider. This is true for young drivers car insurance too.

Is this any better: For those who own low-value cars, it may be worth checking out third-party and third-party, fire and theft insurance quotes. Although a comprehensive car insurance policy might provide a higher level of cover, it may actually exceed the value of the car.

Meanwhile, for students and learner drivers thinking about buying a new car, it’s worth remembering that smaller, more economical cars are cheaper to run and insure. Cars that have been modified can push prices up, so avoid buying a car that has been customised.

Additional car insurance benefits for students

Look out for motor insurance policies that offer special benefits for students. Some providers offer an accelerated no-claims programme, which can be a valuable asset when it comes to buying insurance further down the line. Endsleigh’s Student Bonus Accelerator, for example, allows customers to secure a full year’s no-claims discount in just six months.

Meanwhile, Be Wiser offers free legal protection and RAC breakdown cover on all of its student car insurance policies. Instant cover is available online and its customers can pay in instalments, although it’s worth noting this may cost more in the long run. Those who can’t be without a car should ensure their policy includes a courtesy car in case an accident occurs.

Ways to cut student motor insurance costs

Once you are sure you have found the most suitable level of cover, you can start to look at prices again. If the quotes you find are still too pricey, there are several ways to cut motor insurance costs further. It may be worth considering:

  • Installing an immobiliser or car alarm that has been approved by your insurer
  • Keeping the car in a locked garage or off the street
  • Comparing quotes using a car insurance broker as well as obtaining quotes directly from the provider
  • Finding out whether your insurance company can impose a mileage limit, which can help reduce the cost of cover
  • Taking the government’s Pass Plus if you passed your test less than 12 months ago. This can save students up to 35% on their first year of insurance
  • Driving carefully. Making a claim on your car insurance following an accident will increase future cover costs, as will getting points on your license as a result of speeding

There are plenty of items students can cut back on, but car insurance isn’t one of them, so make sure you have the right cover in place and that you get a range of quotes before you buy.