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New Drivers Car Insurance

Learning to drive can be a costly process, and insuring a car once you’ve passed your test can prove costlier still. No matter whether you are a fresh-faced 17-year-old or have passed your test later in life, finding a competitive new driver car insurance quote isn’t always straightforward.

Car insurance prices for new drivers

Statistics show one in five drivers is involved in a crash during their first 12 months behind the wheel. As a result, car insurance prices for inexperienced drivers tend to be relatively high. However, there are a number of simple ways to bring costs down without compromising the level of cover provided.

Here are some dos and don’ts to bear in mind when buying car insurance as a new driver:


  • Keep the car in a locked garage or off the street wherever possible and fit approved security devices such as alarms or immobilisers. The safer the car, the cheaper your cover is likely to be
  • Consider taking the Pass Plus course within the first year of passing your test to take advantage of new driver car insurance discounts
  • Think about opting for a larger voluntary excess as this could help you cut costs. However, don’t forget that if you make a car insurance claim, you may need to find this amount, so don’t make life harder than it needs to be


  • Rush out and buy a Ferrari. The more expensive and faster the car, the more you’ll end up paying for motor insurance
  • Assume third-party cover will be cheaper than comprehensive car insurance. Statistically, more drivers with third-party or third-party fire and theft insurance make claims, so costs can actually be higher in some cases
  • Spend a fortune on modifications before finding out whether they will affect your insurance policy. There’s no point having a flashy motor if you can’t afford to insure it

Direct cover compared with specialist broker services

Motor insurance customers have two choices when it comes to buying a policy: you can use a car insurance broker or deal with the insurance provider directly.

What a specialist broker does

A specialist broker searches for quotes from a selection of insurance companies to find you a cheap deal. This shouldn’t cost you anything as the broker normally receives a commission from the cover provider when you take out a policy. This is a great idea when looking for young driver car insurance as it costs nothing but may yield a better deal.

Dealing with the insurer direct

Obtaining quotes directly from the insurer cuts out the middleman and can provide more in-depth information about the policy. Brokers’ panels won’t include every new driver car insurance provider, so it is worth checking out direct deals too.

Other car insurance considerations

It’s usually cheaper to pay for car insurance up front, so it may be worth considering this option rather than paying in monthly instalments. That said students taking out car insurance or people with limited budgets may struggle with this and its worth comparing APRs if you’re paying monthly. Adding your name to a partner or parent’s policy can also help novice drivers to cut costs, although you won’t usually be able to build up a no-claims discount this way and you will be committing fraud if you are, in fact, the main driver on the policy.