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Convicted driver car insurance

If you have a motoring or criminal conviction, it can be difficult to find a car insurance policy that doesn’t cost a small fortune. In fact, those with criminal convictions may not be able to get their hands on a car insurance policy at any price as some insurers are reluctant to take on the perceived added risk.

Obtaining motor insurance after a conviction

Perhaps you were caught speeding or drink driving, or were found guilty of another motoring offence, but now want to get behind the wheel. It may seem tempting to try to hide your conviction, but doing so can invalidate your policy, prevent you from obtaining car insurance in the future, and even result in criminal proceedings.

The cause of your driving ban will play a big part in the defining the price of your policy. For example, a drink driving conviction is likely to make finding car insurance more difficult (and expensive) than a speeding offence.

Having said that, there are a number of ways to reduce the price of convicted driver car insurance regardless of the reason behind your conviction. One option is to add a driver with a clean driving record to your policy as this can help to keep premiums low.

Minimising convicted driver insurance premiums

Other ways for convicted drivers to prevent costs going through the roof include:

  • Keeping your annual mileage as low as possible. Drivers who regularly cover long distances tend to pay more for their car insurance
  • Following the rules of the road. Most convicted drivers will have already learnt this lesson, but make sure you drive carefully and keep to speed limits at all times. Avoid consuming any alcohol before you drive
  • Considering a rise in your voluntary excess. Typically, the higher the excess, the lower the insurance policy
  • Keeping the car safe. As well as driving safely, make sure it is locked away overnight and parked safely when you’re out and about
  • Downsizing. You may be used to driving a big, flashy car, but switching to a more modest model will help to avoid sky-high premiums. The more your car costs to repair, and the larger the engine size, the more your policy is likely to cost
  • Attending a drink driving rehabilitation course. This applies to those who have been convicted of drunk driving and have been offered a chance to take the course by the sentencing court

Finding convicted driver car insurance quotes

A number of insurers provide specialist car insurance for convicted drivers, for example Performance Direct, eQuoteDirect and Adrian Flux. Don’t expect miracles though; your policy is still likely to cost far and above the average policy price.

It may be cheaper to buy directly from these companies; however, it is worth obtaining whole-of-market quotes before you buy. That way you can compare the level of cover provided as well as the price, and many insurers offer discounts for customers who buy online.