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Classic Car Insurance

If you own a vintage car then it is worth considering classic car insurance. Generally speaking, classic car insurance is cheaper than standard car insurance. This reflects the fact that classic cars are well cared for, are driven for fewer miles every year and usually garaged. From the insurers prospective this means there is less risk of a claim.

Which vehicles qualify for classic car insurance?

Whether your vehicle qualifies for a classic car insurance policy or not will depend on the individual insurer. Some insurers may require your car to be more than 20 years old while other like Adrian Flux Classic Car Insurance allow cars as young as five years to be covered.

Who provides the cheapest classic car insurance?

There are now many insurance companies that offer classic car insurance, meaning it is important that you shop around to insure you’re getting the best deal, both in terms of the price of the policy and the benefits or features it includes.

An important consideration when shopping for your policy is whether it allows you to increase the agreed value of your vehicle each year. This is very important as many classic cars increase in value year on year.

Limited millage Discounts

A good way to save on your classic car insurance policy is to look for deals which offer a limited millage discount. This means in return for driving less the insurance company will offer you a discount on your annual premium.

It is important thought that if you agree with your insure to limit your annual millage you do not exceed this limitation without informing the insurance company. Failure to do so could result in your policy being voided.

Classic car insurance quotes

To help you find the best deal on your classic car insurance we have put together some handy tables so you can compare classic car insurance quotes from some of the UK’s leading providers.