Specialist Car Insurance

There are many instances where you may find that run of the mill car insurance is just not going to meet your circumstances. This may be because you have a particular type of car, fall into a certain age bracket or have had past indiscretions with the law.

To assist you with finding a specialist insurer who can help you with your requirements we have compiled a list of possible scenarios where specialist insurance may be required. You’ll find information about these various types of insurance, tips on getting the best deal and insurers who will be able to help you with your requirements.

Please remember, the content published here and across the whole site is for general informational purposes only and is not, and should not be construed as financial advice. We recommend you take professional advice before committing to any financial arrangement.

Young Driver Car insurance

Young drivers are faced with some of the most expensive insurance premiums in the market – and this will often be to insure a car worth less than £1,000. Learn how you can save and compare quotes from leading providers.

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Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance provides short term cover in the event that you need to drive a car that you wouldn’t normally be insured to drive. Cover usually lasts from 1 – 28 days.

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Women’s Car Insurance

Traditionally women have less accidents, there for their car insurance is cheaper. New EU laws are removing this risk based pricing but there are still benefits for ladies who choose a tailored women’s insurance package.

Convicted Driver Car Insurance

People with motoring or non motoring convictions can find that car insurance costs a great deal more after the conviction or that it’s not available to them at all, this is due to the extra risk posed to the insurer. There are ways to bring down the price and comparing quotes from as many insurers as possible is just one of them.

Multi Car Insurance

Multi car insurance is a great way for households with more than one car to save on their insurance premiums. Some polices offer a discount for additional cars while others are specifically tailored to include more than one car on the policy.

Over 50s Car Insurance

Driver’s over the age of 50 are statistically less likely to have an accident than younger drivers – therefore in some instances insurers will offer specialist over 50′s car insurance policies which may be considerably cheaper than a standard policy.

Gap Car Insurance

If a car is damaged beyond repair or stolen the majority of insurers will only cover the vehicle for its current market value, not the amount paid for the car. Gap insurance is designed to cover the difference in what a vehicle is bought for and its current market value should it be stolen or written off.

Import Car Insurance

If your car is imported from another country like Japan or the USA you may find that insuring it is far more expensive than for a car with an equivalent value that was sold in the UK. Our specialist brokers may be able to help you find a better deal.

Performance Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance