Santander exposes short-distance drivers

New research from car insurance provider Santander shows that, despite the soaring cost of fuel, 11.4 million (30%) motorists still regularly use their cars to make journeys of less than half a mile.

Santander estimates that drivers make around 58 million half-mile car journeys every year. Despite the financial and environmental impact of this, only 35% admit to feeling guilty as a result.

These one-minute road trips are costing UK motorists an estimated £1.1 million each week; a figure that is likely to rise significantly as fuel prices continue to spiral.

Callum Gibson, managing director at Santander Cards, commented: “Despite soaring fuel costs, many motorists still give in to the temptation of using the car to make journeys that only take 10-15 minutes by foot.

“While people should try to reduce their car usage where possible because of the environmental impact, it is a vital resource for many people who are less able to get about or who live in rural areas, particularly as the evenings draw in and the weather gets colder.

“It’s hard to escape the increasing cost of motoring, particularly for those who really do need a car to get them from A to B, which is why we offer 3% cashback on fuel spend with our new 123 Cashback Credit Card.

“While it’s advisable to limit the use of a car where possible, our cashback deal could help to save motorists more than £100 a year on fuel.”

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