Car insurance prices affected because more drivers are using mobiles

New research shows that more drivers in the UK are using mobile handsets while they are on the road. Accident levels are believed to have increased as a direct result, leading to higher numbers of car insurance claims and, subsequently, higher premium prices.

Figures from the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) reveal that the proportion of drivers guilty of this offence has risen from 2.6% in 2006 to 2.8% in 2009. The company implies that using mobile phones while driving distracts drivers, making them four times more likely to crash.

The findings were surprising considering the increased penalties that have been introduced. Until two years ago, people using mobile phones while driving simply received a £30 fine. However, the latest regulations mean that drivers caught talking on their phones can be fined £60 and may receive three points on their licences.
Edmund King, president car insurance provider AA, told the BBC: “I think we need more police campaigns, I think we need more publicity campaigns. If you think back to seat-belt wearing, ‘clunk, click, every trip’ gradually had an effect but it does take time.”

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