Car Insurance Comparison Sites

Car insurance comparison sites allow you to obtain quotes from a number of car insurance companies by inputting details about the car you wish to insure as well as other details such as your age, address, driving record and information on any other drivers you intend to include on a policy.

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Generally speaking you will not be able to obtain an accurate quote from a car insurance comparison site without knowing these details so it’s a good idea to have them at hand before you begin.

Once you have provided all the required information your quotes will be generated. How many quotes you receive will depend on the number of insurers on the particular comparison sites panel., for example, has over 120 insurers while others have as few as 80.

Quotes will generally be displayed from the cheapest to most expensive – there may be some companies who cannot quote for your particular circumstances. No quote will be returned in this instance. If you are happy with one of the quotes provided you will be able to click a link which will take you to the insurer’s website where you can complete your application.

Comparing Car Insurance Comparison Sites

While car insurance comparison sites provide real time car insurance quotes this does not necessarily mean that quotes from one comparison site will be the same as quotes from another, nor does it mean that the cheapest quote is the best policy.

There are now more than 10 major car insurance comparison sites operating in the UK, each with a slightly different panel of insurers. While it may not be worth comparing quotes from all 10 it could certainly be worth your while obtaining quotes from the biggest, including,,, and

You should also compare the details of the policy quotes. While it may be from the same insurer the cover could be very different from one quote to the next. Important things you should remember to check are:

  • The excess – having a higher excess will reduce the value of the policy
  • The extras – windscreen cover, courtesy cars and vandalism cover are just a few extras that can be removed to reduce the cost of the policy

It is also important to remember that you are still under a duty of full disclosure of any facts that should reasonably be disclosed to the insurer, even if you use a car insurance comparison site which doesn’t ask you about the particular fact in question. Not doing so could void you insurance policy.