Buy My Car Insurance’s – 5 quick tips for beating rising fuel costs

With the price of crude oil on the rise and the government introducing a new fuel duty this week many motorists are asking themselves the question, what can I do to beat the rise?

To assist motorists Buy My Car Insurance has come up with five simple tips to help motorists save.

  1. Make your car more efficient

There are two approaches to doing this, you could simply downgrade to a smaller model which uses less fuel and which will probably cost less to insure, but if a Smart Car isn’t your thing the following will reduce the fuel consumption of any vehicle:

  • Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure, tyres which are underinflated cause more friction and so require more energy (fuel) to overcome this
  • Accelerate slowly, by increasing your speed gradually instead of flooring it you’ll use up less fuel
  • Don’t carry extra weight, weight requires energy to be moved, this means extra fuel. If you’re not using items in your vehicle remove them to reduce weight. In the case of a roof rack you will not only make your car lighter but more aerodynamic at the same time, a double saving
  • Go easy on the air conditioning, air conditioning increases a cars fuel consumption considerably
  • Drive in the correct gear, if you keep your car in too higher gear you cause the engine to rev more which requires both more fuel and increase wear
  1. Keep to the speed limit

Keeping to the speed limit does two things, first it reduces the chance of you having an accident or getting a speeding ticket. If you have an accident that’s your fault or get points on your licence you can expect a hefty rise in the cost of your insurance. (You should always tell your insurance company if you’ve had an accident even if you don’t claim).

Secondly, as a car goes faster the wind resistance increases and so it takes more fuel to maintain the speed. This means that proportionally a car will use more fuel to go from 70mph to 80mph, than it would to go from 60mph to 70mph. On average you’ll use 20% more fuel to drive at 80mph than you would 70mph.

  1. Pay less for your fuel

This one’s easy and anyone can do it.

To start with find the cheapest filling station in your area. You can do this easily by visiting, you simply enter your postcode and how far you’re prepared to travel and the site will list the prices at all the stations with that area.

Remember, it’s not worth driving 20miles to save 1p a litre, be sensible.

The other thing to consider is additional extras or loyalty schemes you may be able to benefit from if you fill up at supermarkets. Supermarkets will often use fuel sales as a way to get you into the store, as opposed to a way to make money; this means prices will often be very competitive.

Morrisons has delayed the 2p rise in duty until 6 September, while both Tesco and Sainsbury’s are offering shoppers 5p off per litre when they spend &pound50 or more in store first.

  1. Drive Less

Obvious but true, drive less and you’ll save on your fuel bill. This may mean taking public transport, walking, cycling or car pooling.

  1. Don’t pay too much for your car insurance

You can’t control the price of oil or the amount of tax the Government slaps on at the pump, but you can make sure you’ve got the most competitive price on car insurance.

Our comparison tables make it easy to compare car insurance and get a quick online quote.

When considering which car insurance policy to buy it’s a good idea to look at more than price. In a competitive industry insurers will often offer low premiums, but in return for a very stripped back policy. Before buying ask yourself if the policy provides the protection you need, if you’re not sure seek professional advice from a car insurance advisor.

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