Beware of hard-to-see pedestrians, warns Admiral

More pedestrians are killed or injured in November than any other month, according to a study from Admiral.

The car insurance specialist asked 1,000 children about their road safety habits and was concerned to find that 48% cross the road in well lit places while it is dark. Just 33% wear reflective clothing and only 25% wear anything brightly coloured.

Even more worryingly, 10% say they do not do anything differently when it’s dark to make themselves more noticeable when it comes to road safety and awareness. And around 8% admit to crossing the road while talking on their phones, texting or listening to an iPod/MP3 player.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said: “As we move into the winter months it’s paramount to be more aware on the roads as a pedestrian.

“With fewer hours of daylight, it’s harder for motorists to see pedestrians as it is, but even more so if the pedestrians don’t take precautions to make themselves more visible.

“Children need to switch off their electronic devices, follow the Green Cross Code and make sure that motorists can easily see them when they are crossing the road.”

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