Astonishing Videos of Criminals Breaking into Cars

To those among us who have been the victims of property crime (specifically with regard to our automobiles), there might not be much amusement to be had in the various car break-in videos that circulate online. For the rest of us, it’s only funny until someone gets hurt… And then it’s hilarious (most of the time). The following are the most astonishing videos of criminals breaking into cars, courtesy of the Internet’s most popular video posting website:

Breaking into My Car Through the Sunroof.

It’s a nice, sunny day, and Michelle, Amy and their beagle have locked their keys in the car. However, as the girls point out, the sunroof has been left open and Amy’s going to try to go through it – in a skirt! She climbs up the hood, over the windshield and into the little red car, where she retrieves her purse, and in it her car keys. If nothing else, it’s cute.

How to Break Into Your Own Car.

Set to the strains of Foreigner’s Urgent, this three-minute video showing you how to break into your own car has been viewed by over half a million people. Step One: Check all the doors to make sure they’re actually locked! From there, it shows you how to use a “Slim Jim” or a coat hanger to get inside. The video includes a couple of warnings – check to see if your insurance will cover a locksmith’s services, and only enlist the help of someone you trust when “breaking into” your own vehicle.

Police Bait Car – Screaming Car Thief.

There are a boatload of police bait car videos. Many of these are provided to the infotainment industry by the cops themselves. They set up a car with video cameras, rigged with a tracking device and an engine that can be remotely shut off, and wait for the low-hanging fruit of the underworld. In this particular video, the criminal mastermind behind the steering wheel starts wailing like a banshee when the red and blue lights appear in the rear-view mirror.

Bear Opening Truck Door (Twice).

This video, shot from a sensible distance, demonstrates how humans are losing ground in the evolutionary race. A black bear, drawn by the slovenly habits of construction workers, has roamed onto a jobsite and approached the trucks in the muddy parking lot. Bears have been known to smash out windows, but not this one: Standing upright, the bear gingerly slides his claws under the door handle and opens the door. Not satisfied, the bear then goes to the next truck over and does it again. Funny. And scary.

Idiot Gets His Car Stolen.

There are always going to be fake or staged videos purporting to be car thefts. This one has the ring of truth to it – you can hear it in the camera guy’s voice. A young suburban fellow is “car surfing” by coasting his car down the road, leaping onto the hood for some un-serious Teen Wolf action. As he is taking a breather, riding on the trunk of the car, a shadowy figure bursts into the frame from the sidelines, leaping into the car while it’s rolling and taking off in it. If it’s real, it’s too much. If it’s a made-for-Web production, it’s still pretty funny.

Car Stolen in Front of Cops.

This video details a car theft that took place in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. With a number of police cars already in a parking lot, a “white male, shaved head, white T-shirt” jumps into a parked Chevrolet and squeals away. The police are in pursuit before he can even get it out of Park. As they say, LOL:

News Reporter Can’t Break Into Car – Fail!

This viral video documents the efforts of an up-and-coming TV journalist. He’s trying to demonstrate how easy it is to smash a car window, with a hammer. The only problem is that the window doesn’t want to break; it actually slides down into the door frame before it breaks. When he tries a different window, it breaks, all right – and cuts his finger quite badly in the process. Yes, there’s only one word for it: Fail!

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