Association of British Drivers welcomes new Young Marmalade car insurance idea

The concept of reducing car insurance costs for young people who do not drive late at night is a good one, according to the Association of British Drivers.

Young Marmalade recently introduced a lower-cost car insurance scheme for 17- to 25-year-olds providing they do not drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am. Those who drive at these times incur a £45 charge.

The company will use the ikube, a GPS system developed by Motaquote and Royal & Sun Alliance Group, to monitor when young drivers are on the road. Because a high proportion of accidents happen late at night, it is hoped the scheme will help to combat the problem.

According to spokesperson for the Association of British Drivers Nigel Humphreys, the scheme is undoubtedly a good one in theory, but in practice it will depend on whether the highest-risk drivers take it up.

“I think it’s something that young people are going to go for. I would prefer to see this formalised. However, people who would take it up are probably the people who wouldn’t have any accidents anyway. That’s the danger of these things.”

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